Icon Media Holdings, Inc. Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement with Caduceus Software

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Companies Will Engage On Joint Research and Development Projects

Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ICNM) a diversified global technology company that specializes in wireless infrastructure and technical services via Spectrum Velocity™ for the wireless industry, is pleased to report that we have entered into an agreement with Caduceus Software Systems Corporation (OTC: CSOC) to develop software systems and processes targeted the wireless industry.

Bain & Co. predicts the market size for the IoT segment alone could exceed $470 billion by 2020.  Under the agreement, any patents, or unique intellectual property created as a result of the joint effort will be shared equally between Icon and Caduceus.

Commenting on the agreement, Rob Deakin, CEO of Icon said, “We are very excited to have an opportunity to work with Caduceus Software Systems.  Richard Tang and their programmers have a stellar reputation for developing customized software systems for a broad array of industries while implementing the highest level of security protocols.  We anticipate creating software products that will benefit our subsidiary Spectrum Velocity as well as other companies in the wireless Industry.”

Caduceus Software’s CEO Richard Tang commented, “Caduceus Software Systems [CSOC] is very pleased to offer an extension of our services to Icon Media. We have staff that is trained for harsh environment hardware installation, and develop critical software systems with redundancy/uptime/resiliency/concurrency in mind. ICNM’s focus is to deliver their projects on time and on budget. Caduceus is able to provide software and hardware planning logistics via our agile methodology, and give comprehensive training to their clients. We also compliment ICNM since we have OSHA certifications to perform duties at environmental risk sites, such as power substations plants, and highly mechanized industrial automation factories and arenas.  I feel that by joining our efforts we can accomplish and bid on projects in a grander scale. I thank Rob for the opportunity for a long-lasting business relationship.”

About Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (ICNM)



Icon Media Holdings (OTC: ICNM) is a diversified global technology company that specializes in technical and infrastructure services for the wireless industry. The Company provides turnkey small cell network, distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) and Wi-Fi technical consulting, design and implementation services through its subsidiary Spectrum Velocity™.  Our customer base includes the wireless industry as well as enterprise clients.

About Caduceus Software Systems (OTC: CSOC)

Caduceus Software Systems Corp is an innovation company. It develops software, software design assets and technical expertise to its clients. The term, Caduceus, is an ancient symbol of good business/commerce.  The company is focused on innovation with search as a primary project, and has lots of experience in IT in harsh environments, and it has a passion for music and the ability for music searchability improvements. It has assets and intellectual property that has accumulated for the past 5 years and will be applied to its projects.

As of November 2016, the company has recently expanded its business model to include Software as a Service (Cloud business services) to obtain recurring revenue streams.  It has projects in technology currently, and has strategic alliances with the open source community.

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