Icon Media Holdings (OTC: ICNM) is focusing on our Technical Services Group via Spectrum Velocity…

Icon Media Holdings (OTC: ICNM) is a diversified global technology company that specializes in technical and infrastructure services for the cellular and wireless industries. The Company provides turnkey small cell network, distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) and Wi-Fi technical consulting, design and implementation services through its subsidiary Spectrum Velocity™, LLC (“Spectrum ™”). Our customer base includes the wireless industry as well as enterprise clients.

The US Wireless Infrastructure segment is experiencing exponential growth and is projected to reach $37.5 billion by 2016. Icon formed Spectrum in early 2014 and assembled an experienced team to enter this segment. The Company is focused on both organic and expansion growth opportunities within this sector, with an eye towards achieving strong revenue growth and increasing shareholder value.



See the Spectrum Velocity Website for more information…

Icon Media’s Plans for Growth are Through:

  • Organic Growth of Our Technical Services Group (Spectrum Velocity)
  • Through Acquisitions of Synergistic Business in the Wireless Industry

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