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September 24, 2014 — Spectrum Velocity, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based technology company, has entered into a relationship with Boston-based Maverick Construction to jointly market and sell DAS design and installation services, focusing on Tier 1 wireless carriers and large enterprise clients.

Maverick Construction is a northeast-based communications network construction company with experience in permitting, installing and constructing DAS. In addition, it provides full-time maintenance and monitoring on more than 5,000 miles of fiber-optic network throughout New England.

spectrumvelocitySpectrum Velocity is a new company formed earlier this year to provide engineering, technical and consulting services for in-building wireless, broadcast, frequency coordination and database management, RF risk management, and system design and integration, according to company CEO Rob Deakin. Mavericks more than 20 years of experience in telecom installation service complements Spectrum Velocitys offerings.

We can do the feasibility studies up front to determine any shortcomings in the initial signal coverage. We then design the system. At that point, we bring in a partner, like Maverick, to build the system, Deakin said.Spectrum Velocitys relationship with Maverick is not exclusive. We are actively looking at partnering with companies like Maverick to handle the installation. With our engineering services, we can provide turnkey projects, Deakin said.

Spectrum Velocity plans to take advantage of new construction where codes require in-building wireless coverage. Another reason a commercial real estate firm will deploy in-building wireless is if it gets push back from tenants for poor RF coverage or Wi-Fi interference issues within a buildings.

If carriers are unwilling to put an IBW system in a commercial office building on their own, the buildings owners may be forced to put in a system anyway to ensure their tenants are happy, Deakin said. We just completed a job with a large commercial building owner in Texas that had poor coverage from a Tier 1 carrier, and a major tenant pressured the [building owner] to solve the problem. Our job included RF interference mitigation as well as ensuring proper cellular signal strength.

The market for DAS, small cells and carrier Wi-Fi is wide open, including stadiums, arenas, universities, hospitals, trains, tunnels and public works projects, according to Deakin.

Formed as a subsidiary of Icon Media Holdings in February 2014, Spectrum Velocity provides engineering and technical and engineering consulting in the fields of in-building wireless for commercial real estate, broadcast, government and military.

We got together and decided that this is a market that is very fragmented, Deakin said. The carriers are spending a lot of resources building out their networks. We have a lot of the wireless RF design and technical experience that other companies bidding on these systems do not have. We want to be that key engineering component and technical services component.

Along with Deakin, Spectrum Velocity consists of two Lawrence Behr Associates alumni: Jerry Brown and Chris Horne.

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