The Future of Wi-Fi


It’s in your laptop, it’s in your smartphone, it’s in your watch, it’s everywhere. It’s Wi-Fi and even though it’s barely 15 years old, it’s already become the glue binding our digital lifestyles. But if you’ve ever tried getting a good Wi-Fi signal in a coffee shop, on the street, or in a busy airport, you know that Wi-Fi has limitations. When too many people are using the same connection, Wi-Fi quickly overloads and becomes sluggish.

Wi-Fi is everywhere because it runs over unlicensed spectrum which isn’t reserved for any specific user or technology.  But the future is cloudy – some new technologies could begin to interfere with Wi-Fi and it’s popularity means we need more spectrum to let it grow.  There is a solution.  We can solve this Wi-Fi crunch by freeing up more spectrum for unlicensed use and ensuring that new technologies work politely.

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